David's Bio

David Fister lives in North Idaho, he studies and experiments with music theory, is a composer, and is classically trained with guitar. He mostly enjoys playing lead heavy metal. 

David's earliest musical influences were limited to advertisement jingles, and Sunday TV evangelist choirs. At age 14 he made the right friends who introduced him to Twisted Sister albums. He also liked female artists such as Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. 

Browsing through pawn shops he was attracted to Iron Maiden's art and lyrics. After listening to "Somewhere In Time," he felt he'd found his musical home. Soon thereafter he bought a cheap keyboard and began musical experiments. He quickly graduated to a guitar with Cinderella and Guns 'n Roses tablature to learn from, then advanced to Iron Maiden, and Vinnie Moore songs. Within several years he was playing Steve Vai solos. 

In '95 David was invited to join a small town metal band, Devastation. They lacked opportunities, but the boys had fun and gained experience. 

In '99 David attended University of Idaho's, Lionel Hampton School of Music. His favorite studies were harmony, counter-point, and music theory. By 2003 David graduated with a bachelor's degree in guitar and composition. Since 2003 to currently, he has been developing music theory, and continues exploring new musical artists. His old influences are still speaking to him through their lyrics and notes. 

Each year and generation he discovers more influences to learn from; such as Demon Hunter, Wolves At The Gate, Barren Cross, Tony Macalpine, As I Lay Dying, Skillet, John Petrucci. David has even enjoyed and analyzed the leapy notes of Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez. It has been a long journey for David, getting to a place of confidence in his performance abilities. Every project is an experiment for him, and he approaches composing a new song like a child discovering a new game. 

David has developed an easy guitar shredding method, you can check out his information, books, and videos at www.easyguitarshredding.com 

If you’d like to do a musical project with him please e-mail davidjohnfister@gmail.com